Newspapers v. Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are very important in society. Whether it is revealing truths about the government or providing entertainment, magazines and newspapers are very vital to the public. While characteristics ranging from content to audience can be very different between magazines and newspapers, there are as well some similarities between the two medium.

Both newspapers and magazines are portable. This portability makes it easier and more convenient for consumers to buy and read anytime. Another similarity is advertising. According to 2010 MRI Doublebase “Newspapers, as well as magazines, offer unique advertising capabilities.” This is true for both because while one magazine can have several different types of advertisements, “newspaper readers look for ads for specific information when ready to purchase. Newspapers permit advertisers to target timely messages with daily publication, shorter lead times, next-day editorial coverage and timely tie-ins.”(2010 MRI Doublebase)

Regardless of the important similarities the two share, there are many significant differences between magazines and newspapers. The two may have advertising; however, it is the type of advertising that makes them different. “Unlike newspaper readers, 90% of readers pay full and complete attention when reading magazines. Magazine advertising addresses readers when they are sitting down and receptive rather than when they are simply catching up on current news in the local newspaper, or listening to ads on radio while concentrating on their driving.” (Pleasant Living Online) Most magazine content is entertainment based. Thus, any particular hobby or interest that you enjoy will most likely have its own magazine about it, including the advertisements. However, for newspapers, this is not so similar. Newspapers deliver the news or hard news. Someone could argue that sensationalist writing is entertainment. However, it is a type of writing, not a topic.

Joseph Plambeck, writer for the New York Times, discusses how newspaper circulation falls 9%, “in the six-month period ending March 31, the Audit Bureau of Circulations reported Sunday sales dropping 6.5 percent and weekday sales 8.7 percent compared with the same six-month period a year ago. The figures are based on reports filed by hundreds of individual papers.” I would not want to work for a newspaper because circulation has started falling since the recession and internet. The drop of circulation “was widespread, as nearly all of the major newspapers and many of the smaller ones lost circulation” (Plambeck). This limits the amount of places someone could go and hope to be paid well. However, for magazines, circulation isn’t looking to well either. Stephanie Clifford, another writer for the New York Times states, “circulation, including subscriptions, fell 2.23 percent”. Clifford declares that the drop is due to the economy. This sudden drop of circulation makes it hard for anyone to make a clear decision as to where to work. However, personally I would enjoy working with magazines, with regards to the content.

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